Sunday, September 04, 2005

Part one of a Saga

A set of events, that led to a final event. That is changing lives all around me. These events are even changing me.
In May after months even a year or two my son and his wife were finally able to move out of my house into their own. Things were looking better for the kids. Gabe had a decent job and was going to be able to take care of his family wife and daughter. I must admit I was secretly happy for them. I wanted nothing but the apron strings cut and them on their way. They are not the tidiest duo that you could live with. Anyway the kids moved into and onwards. I was so proud. I had my doubts they would make it. My daughter in law is not the most motivated person I have met.
My son and I decided to car pool to work he works about a mile from where I work.
This seemed like the best for both of us. I had to be to at work 30 minutes prior to Gabe.. before he did so using my vehicle I drove to where I worked and then let him drive my vehicle to where he worked. Friday’s are our treat days on Friday we went and purchased donuts and coffees and went onto work.
In the mean while my husband and a friend had been working on my back up vehicle trying to get it up and running again. They found themselves dead in the water there.
After several weeks of extreme Oklahoma heat I had a heat stroke. This led to me missing some work and needing a vehicle with a.c. So the simple solution was to purchase a vehicle with a.c. and have an additional backup vehicle. Once my other vehicle was back on the road
This particular morning I arrived at Gabe’s house and had to rattle him out of bed. He appeared to still be ill with an ear infection. (I had urged him to go to a doctor however no insurance kept him from listening to that pearl of wisdom.) So this morning after a brief conversation Gabe said he had to go to work. So off we went. Our usual Friday routine. However, Gabe was acting different. (years of everyone telling me that I was to protective of him held me back from any variance in our normal routine. (Oh did I mention Gabe is diabetic and is dependant on insulin?) As we parted I asked him several times would he rather me drive him to work. He said no mom I need the extra time to rest. We parted with I’ll see ya later I love ya. At this point I watched until he had pulled from the parking lot. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach, but went on into work. I am a construction inspector. I checked my job on site and jumped into my truck to begin my day. I pulled to the stop light. Yielded for a fire rescue truck and began to head across town to my job. I recall thinking I ought to follow that truck then thought you are being stupid woman. I had hardly gone a mile when my phone rang and it was another inspector he said that someone wanted to speak to me. Chris another employee for the city said hey your son’s had a wreck meet me down here. I asked how my son was with a feeling of horror rising up. He said okay I think. I asked about the vehicle he said drivable. I turned around and headed to the location given. Cops rescue workers and an ambulance was there on site. The wreck did no look too bad. The concern on the faces of the responders told a different story. In another life years before I had been a cop and I knew the look on the faces I was seeing. I asked about my son. They told me that they believed he had a spinal cord injury and was taking him to the nearest hospital. I watched as they lifted him from the compact vehicle he screaming in pain/agony. They looking sad.
I made a couple of quick calls on the cell phone. One to my husband telling him to meet me at the hospital the second to Gabe’s boss. I looked at my friend standing there asked him if he thought the truck was drivable. He said yea sure. I then told the cops and rescue folks I was gonna move the truck and go to the hospital. They agreed. I hopped into the truck drove it around to the parking lot and parked it. I asked my friend to follow me back to the city yard to park my vehicle and give me a ride back to my truck.
Some where during this time the ambulance people said that they were rerouting him to a different hospital. I called my husband again and advised him and told him to get Gabe’s wife to the hospital she would be needed.
I then went to the city yard parked my truck returned to my vehicle and went to the hospital. Thus began our changes.


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This That and Frog Hair: Part one of a Saga

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This That and Frog Hair: Part one of a Saga
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