Saturday, March 18, 2006

marijuana tokin’ & DEA

High crimes, or a tokin  figure?
Canadians find the  Prince of Pot Â

harmless, but the DEA begs to differ
By Doug Struck
Updated: 10:26 a.m. ET March 18, 2006

VANCOUVER - Sweet marijuana smoke tumbles down the steps from "the Vapor Lounge," a corner of Marc Emery's bookstore where customers toke up at will.
"We get high with everybody," Emery says, shrugging. "This is a pilgrimage spot, and people come here from all over the world. We get high."
Illegal? Yes.So were the seeds he used to keep in a case in the store, with exotic names like Afghan Dream and Chemo Grizzly. So was the booming business he ran, complete with glossy seed catalogues describing the subtle and sublime nuances of his varieties. ("Nebula: Fruity flavor and scent. Transcendental buzz. Harvest outdoor.") So, for that matter, are the other marijuana businesses that have sprouted up in the block around his Vancouver bookstore. The street is nicknamed "Vansterdam," with pot-hazy cafes, headshops filled with pipes and bongs, and neon signs advertising illegal seed sales.
Until recently, nobody much cared, it seemed. The police hadn't bothered to come around for eight years. Before that, they busted Emery for seed sales and raided him four times. But he just got fined -- once with "a nice speech from the judge saying what a nice person I was and how marijuana probably shouldn't be illegal," Emery says -- and the police stopped trying.
'Marijuana Seed Vendor'In truth, Emery hated being ignored. He tried to stir up notoriety. Every year, he filled out his income taxes listing his occupation as "Marijuana Seed Vendor," paying heftily and honestly, he says, on his multimillion-dollar business. The Canadian Revenue Service never questioned him.
He told the Canada post office he was getting and sending his seeds through the mail. They never stopped delivery. He started the B.C. Marijuana Party, fielded 79 candidates in 2001, and ran repeatedly for local and federal offices. He never won.

First I will say this I don't buy sell raise or consume pot. Never have. Not interested in it. I don't condemndem anyone that does. Nor will I ever. I have never read an unbiased medical report on marijuana and using it. I believe there are many true and accurate reports that probably have been suppressed.

I do however resent the fact that this country's government has had this stupid war on pot. Spending billions putting both consumers and dealers in jail. This war is skewed to the true problems. I have heard for years that pot leads to stronger drugs Perhaps that is true. I have never met a pot head that really wanted to move on to other drugs. I have met other drug users that stated they tried pot it wasn't for them and went back to whatever drug they preferred. I suspect a lot of folks in my world are pot heads however they all have jobs and earn a living. They are not like the junkies and addicts hustling and stealing to get their next fix.

However, this really pisses me off. The majority of pot comes from our southern border by the tons or raised right here in our country.
Oh and by the way that would be the one that illegal aliens come bolting through by the thousands. Local southern newspapers carry articles about seizinging pot all the time.

The DEA has to entrap a Canadian and file drug charges on him then crow about it? How much did this cost us? How much will it cost us to take a citizen from Canada try him, convict him and then house him in jail ten years? For what? Running a business in Canada. If you think it stops there take about two seconds and think about They took his computers and files.
Any one that has surfed the web found his site and looked at it. Where is your privacy? If you think for one second these DEA guys won't take the simple route and start arresting the average citizen for consuming raising a plant or just thinking about it you are nuts. There goes another Billion dollars on the war on drugs. For what?

The simple solution is to legalize marijuana just like tobacco and then tax it just like tobacco alcohol. If need be adjust the laws accommodateate this. There are already DUI laws that include drugs.
Marijuana, is in many states the number cash crop. Yet the idiots that are in Washinton continue to piss off money instead of make money on it. It doesn't matter if you use it or not you still pay for this war on drugs that has gotten nowhere for the last 30 plus years. Its time to wake up and make the consumers and growers pay their fair share.

Any one recall the CIA dealt in heroin moved it to this country then sold it? To finance their wars or projects? I believe simple searches on this and you can find out about. Yep seems like the government hypocritical wouldn't you think?


At March 20, 2006 12:47 PM, Blogger Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

That photo reminds me of the movie with Cheech and Chong...Up in Smoke!! (smiling) You and I have similar views....on this.

What I am outraged about is...they take cig tax money to help education and build building , etc...same with liquor and lottery...but now they are pushing it to where if you smoke cigs in a town (CA) where it may soon be a law as child abuse if done in your home around children. I be damned. in the hell has the right to tell someone they can not smoke in their homes. NOT ME...Oh yeah, in this same town...they can not even smoke in their cars with the windows down. Some town near Malibu.

As the two radio personality guys said Bubba and somebody....YOU might as well pistol whip or kill people that smoke these days. Next a riot will start if one is caught smoking outside in this town. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS.


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This That and Frog Hair: marijuana tokin’ & DEA

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This That and Frog Hair: marijuana tokin’ & DEA
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