Sunday, March 19, 2006

Random Thoughts

Welcome to insomnia 101 Redneck style

Because its 4:30 am and after taking my meds to make me sleep uuuuuhhhhhh last night at around 10:30pm. I have decided that the random thoughts rattling around in my head must be from the lack of sleep.
Onwards here. I was thinking of the blessing of nearly 24 hours of soft rain. I am tired of the country side burning up. The only upside to it burning is maybe just maybe it will kill out the ticks. The rain will bless the mother earth and bring on spring. The ground temp is nearly ready for sowing. The down side is the cats hate the rain all except one and she is nutzzzzzzz. She likes to play in the garden hose spray. Go Figure.
I wonder how many people out there read or even think on strange and para normal things. I wonder how many follow science. How many know right now as they sleep a new ocean/sea is being formed. Global warming??? Nature I believe.
AFRICA'S NEW OCEANA Continent Splits ApartBy Axel Bojanowski Normally new rivers, seas and mountains are born in slow motion. The Afar Triangle near the Horn of Africa is another story. A new ocean is forming there with staggering speed -- at least by geological standards. Africa will eventually lose its horn.

I must admit I have been following this for several months. I find it awesome. I was going to blog on it then decided to wait for the next articles came out on it.
This could change a lot of things with one large earth quake. Man is so arrogant and tiny compared to the forces of God/Nature.
I noticed that since I added site meter to my blog I have a lot less traffic and further noticed lately none of the other countries are being identified. Or it could have been publishing the ugly troll mail..........
I have been holding off announcing the next arrival in our family. Yeppers a new grandbaby on the way. Or maybe two. Not sure yet...... So far its been a struggle for Mom to carry it. She is only 3 1/2 months along.....
A funny blog I found.. or maybe it's my dry sence of humor.
Paul Rever is calling now... he showed up last night off his perch after dark with blood on his head. He is residing on the mud porch for the night. Until its determined he is well. Ha only people that follow my blog know about Paul.
Yesterday I noticed that the birds were covering up the feeders and tearing up the chicken scratch. I determined that any creature that would spend that much time in the rain scratching for seed must be starving........Back to the fire things......It appears blogger is still not letting me post pictures. Oh well such is life. ...... Then there is the thought its spring and time to change my template on my blog to something spring time. Cheerful and bright.... Of course that takes way too much work.....
Watching cartoons with the kids has become depressing. I hate the new toons. They said bugs and daffy were violent??
No damn way. pokemon and the rest of the damn things are not geared to children. Then the commercials. I was so pissed at pizza hut over one of their ads. The slinky blond Simpson slunk out with a new pie and did a lap dance on a young boy of 13 or so...... What the hell is that telling my 3 year old grand daughter? After flipping from that several times I noticed they replaced the ho with miss piggy.. The ho has a cameo now.
Welcome to Sunday Morning.


At March 19, 2006 8:40 AM, Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Thank God our two cats like the rain because it rains here all the time.

I never knew about that new sea. I'll definitely read your link.

I don't remember who Paul revere is.

Modern cartoons stink.

At March 20, 2006 12:37 PM, Blogger Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

A new grandbaby huh? WOW...great news. Patrick does not remember Paul Revere...OMG...Patrick catch up. (LOL)

I've been wondering about you guys that live in TX about these fires. Hope you are in a safe area or have plenty water in that hose.

Global warming!! (LOL) Didn't think I'd catch that did you?? hahahahaha!!

OH YEAH, you need more meds??? Got Plenty!! (smiling)

At March 21, 2006 8:27 AM, Blogger Patty said...

Maybe two babies, not confirmed yet. A slip of the lip by the guy giving the ultra sound.


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