Monday, July 31, 2006

Whats Everyone Talking About.

Whats Everyone Talking About?
I decided to start looking around to see what everyone is talking about. Excluding the journal blogs that I read. Let see in my today's list of reading I wanted to cut and paste a sentance or two to allow everyone to have intrest peaked.

Gayle at My Republican Blog
has a title up right now with come commentary that grabbed my intrest. AttackInQana..HonestMistakeOrHezballahStragety
Israel announces temporary suspension of aerial activity after international outrage over attack in Qana, which killed at least 56 — including dozens of children. I still think it was a set up and they were human shields to make Israel look stupid and inept. Which they are not.

WomanHonorTheyself has Us and TheM Israeli soldiers deal with grief, trauma continues.. Says it all.

AbFreedom has thisIDF May Not Have Caused Kana Deaths...
( Senior IDF officers told reporters a short time ago that there is a contradiction in the timing of the bombing of the village of Kana and reports of the explosion that killed more than 50 civilians and set off world-wide condemnation of Israel.

AllThingsBeautiful is saying this The 'Moral Equivalence Brigade' Reign Supreme There is no question that the MSM machine is working very hard at producing over and over again the same images of the bodies of women and children taken out of the block of flats in Qana, rigor-mortis and all. It is an absolute public relations win hands down for Hezbollah, a coup d'état, and a set back in public opinion, which is now being milked for all its worth. Aint that the truth I have seen the same news clips until I have slung a DVD of cartoons in and turned the boob tube over to my Doodlebug.

CharmingJustCharming is talking about 2006/07/31

The North American Union, SPP, and NASCO: Erasing America’s BordersBy Heidi at Euphoric RealityOur government has undertaken some monumental legislation that fully impacts the American way of life, our freedom, and our sovereignty. The purpose of such legislation is to homogenize Canada, Mexico, and the United States into a North American Union - and we're all going to sleep through it. Have you heard of a little-known program called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America? This tri-lateral partnership was signed by President Bush last year without Congressional oversight or public approval. Damned if there isn't too many balls in the air these days.

Mind Over Matter
Ruth has a post up with a great quote:
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind ~ Dr Seuss
Exactly so. And with that in mind, and also remembering that Dr. Seuss, was a terrific JEWISH political cartoonist who greatly helped the US in the war against another type of bloodthirsty enemy, the Axis of WWII, I'd just like to say that, regarding all of these discussions about the supposed brutality exhibited by Israel in Lebanon by peeps who know fuckall about Israeli history, aren't Jewish and don't live in the Middle East and especially Israel, can kiss my fucking ass.

Kitty Genovese Blog Syndrome
It seems that the utterly crazy leftist Deborah Frisch's been antagonizing Jeff Goldstein again, and he now feels that legal action should be taken against her. At the same time, he's also thinking of shutting down his own blog. Patterico's got some screenshots of some of her latest obscenities.While I think it'd be a good idea to take legal action against Frisch for harrassing his blog, among several others, I would advise against closing his blog. Jeff also writes:
I’m trying to put together a paper trail of Frisch’s comments. If you have a blog and Frisch has commented on it, please send along the IP addresses she used and, if you can, a screenshot of her comments.

His blog with a board forum. Still great read any day of the week.

Matter Over Mind
I don’t expect all of you to agree with me all the time and respect your opinions.Secondly, I can tell by perusing the mail in this forum that there are some people out there who either don’t want to admit the truth or they just don’t get it at all.When you look at the wars going on this planet, who is fighting them? Radical Muslims. We have radical Muslims fighting Americans. Radical Muslims fighting Israel. Radical Muslims fighting in Afghanistan, in Africa, in Indonesia and scores of other locations around the world.


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This That and Frog Hair: Whats Everyone Talking About.
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