Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bet ya don't Fr**ckin Care

Do you know this Man? Have you ever seen him before? I don't know him personally. I have heard him once in a while on the radio and t.v. I have made an ass out of myself a time or two in his office, I would guess. Nudder story.

This man is John Sullivan.
He is one of my reps. Yeppers he is. I have a reason for this posting. Bear with me. Gayle I emailed this to you so you know already.

Today the phone rang. I glanced at the caller id. It came up Capital U.S. 202-226-9928.
Well spank my butt. I.d. has shown Capital before and it was Capital One, one of the most, with out a doubt bar none, the most annoying credit card companies around.
In my state of don't freakin' mess with me today I am not in the mood I grabbed the phone and said "What?"
Caller asked for my husband or Patricia, me.
However he didn't pronunce my hubbies name correctly. I, mean come on its a simple name Miles just like it reads and sounds.
So I started out very mean you didn't pronunce his name right you have 30 seconds. If this is another credit card offer go......."
The caller was saying wait a minute then quickly stated he was calling for congressman Sullivan. He stated his business and wanted to know if I/we still felt the way we did when we emailed him. "
"I snapped which email I email often."
He told me the one of July 30th was the one he was dealing with.. He said that Congressman Sullivan had read it and wanted him to call.
Me thinking when pigs fly.
I still being in a rabid mood was not ready to believe any one from the U.S. gov was calling. Snapped back "yes we stand behind every email and everything we have stated before."
He said well you indicated you are not happy with money going to lebanon and you want money to go to Israel. You indicate that you believe Israel is an ally. (me thinking no shit sherlock)
"Uh huh? Well we want to let you know that Congressman understands."

Ha!!!!!! My opening!!!! Does he? Israel is the last defense and first defense we have against terrorism. I get it. We get it.
Well you indicate that you don't want to send money to the other country.
Me "No I dont' want to rebuild Lebanon. They harbor terrorists and I don't want my money funding a terrorist state. I have nothing against them except they harbor terrorists."" You guys in Washington announced through the State Department that you are going to rebuild Lebanon. Well screw that send the money to Israel. If you can't do that then here is a thought take my hard earned tax dollars and send Lebanon one billion and Israel 3 billon thats fair.

Lord knows who this poor man was but he got an ear full. God bless him. I am sure he wasn't ready for another rant. I explained to him. Well I demanded his attention and told him
"Look me and mine are democrats and we are not happy with the democrat party in fact we are convinced they couldn't save a piss ant from a mud puddle.". (that got a chuckel) I told him look we get it already. We understand why we are in Iraq. If we can not stabalize Iraq we will not have demoracy anywhere on the globe.
Now tell me why Sullivan isn't LOUD AND PROUD repeating what Bush is saying Why is our president the lone voice in the wilderness. Where the hell is his party? Why are they not getting this important point across?
He tried to tell me Sullivan backs the president.
I asked him when?
He said I can't tell you exactly when.
I told him yea well not with in my recent memory. Its time to stand up in an election year and be counted. Who the hell is going to vote against that? Who once they understand what the stakes are will vote any other way.
Hey I am a democrat and I speak for 12 you do the math. (120,000 we speak for Yea let me do your talking.)
This conversation covered illegal immigration, domestic fuels, world powers and many other topics.
Not excluding the war the military. By God you voted to send my troops to war stand behind them. It isn't politics.
We ended with him telling me that Sullivan will probably be contacting me again. ( Me think yea right) I told him when he gets ready to hear my take on the judges and making laws call me back.

Now remember my challenge???? Bet ya blew me off. Too bad I speak for you.........


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This That and Frog Hair: Bet ya don't Fr**ckin Care

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This That and Frog Hair: Bet ya don't Fr**ckin Care
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